(ask) Cubase Syncronization

Any suggestion?

  1. I have to playback 2 set comp with 2 soundcard and 2 cubase for each at the same time (Syncronized) ,
  2. 1 comp use for primary Sound for FOH, and another for Backup Sound…
  3. 1 comp set to be Master and another to be Slave with MTC
  4. If anything happen to 1st soundcard (suddenly Stop working), hopely 2nd soundcard still working, vice versa
  5. If the 2nd comp (Slave) suddenly stop working (in this case “the Laptop stop working” not the soundcard), hopely the master comp still work fine

my question is, any seggestion or any other way, if the master comp suddenly Stop Working, but 2nd set should stay running?

at this time I use manual syncronization (with no MTC), as play two laptop at the same time hit the space bar, but sometimes ther are some latency one for another

thx for answering


If one of the computer is a master and second one is a slave, and the master stops, also the slave one will stop.

To avoid it, use stable external clock, and set both computers as slave to this external stable clock source.

it mean use another external hardware/interface? if yes, what kind of this hardware thet you recommend?

thx so much

Yes, external HW device - clock source.

I’m sorry, I’m not expert in this area, I cannot recommend any.

Thx so so so Much

Since Cubase does not slave to Midi clock it would seem to be that the external clock would need to be sending MTC for this to work. Some MPC’s are capable of this.

Thx so Much