ASK Videos for Cubase 6 now available to preorder

I used the ASK video series for SX3 … it was completely awesome - sort of like a version of the Operating Manual but with examples and clear explanations, the kind of thing that saves hours of time instead of trying to “figure it out” by trial and error.

I don’t know if I’ll get these new ones for C6, as I have learned a lot about Cubase since then. I probably will, though, as I know there are massive holes in my Cubase knowledge base, and it’s a great reference to look things up in. At least the SX3 version was, here’s hoping the C6 version is similar!

alexis - Didn’t you already buy the SWA video? I thought you did - but are you saying you would buy these also? Just curious because I did buy the SWA tutorial and find it to be very helpful. And frankly, at $30 it seems a better value than what you linked. ?? Just curious.

Now, if you didn’t buy either one at this point, I would easily reccomend the SWA offering. I think it hits all the bases.

Hi mr roos - I did buy the SWA, I agree it’s quite helpful. My memory of the SX3 series is that it went into lots more detail than the SWA, which I guess would make sense as the ASK video C6 series is roughly 4x longer than the SWA. I really am not sure if I’m going to do the ASK videos or not … certainly no rush at this point, especially since it is only available as a pre-order item!

But for someone who is new to Cubase, I’d certainly recommend the ASK video series for C6 - assuming it is anywhere near as good as the SX3 series was.