Asking for specific Unicode numbers

Could you tell me please the unicode number for the glyphs # and b used for chords in the “Chord Symbols Music Text Font”?
I am aware that per default Dorico uses Bravura Text and I had a look in FontForge but as you know there are several instances of these glyphs in Bravura text.

I am asking because I would like to test/change the "Chord Symbols Music Text Font"and I must use a font which has these symbols at the right place.

Sharp is U+ED62, flat is U+ED60. These are used for the large, baseline accidentals. When you use subscript or superscript accidentals below a certain scale factor (I can’t remember exactly what that scale factor is) then it uses optical variants found at U+F4DE (sharp) and U+F4DC (flat).

Thanks a lot, it’s a very usefull information for me.

It seems that you wrote the numbers reversed :slight_smile:
Sharp is U+ED60 and flat is U+ED62

But now, changing the "Chord Symbol Music Text"font I am miss another glyph: / (to separate the root from the bass)
Could you give me the unicode number too?

No, flat is certainly U+ED60 and sharp is certainly U+ED62. The regular slash is U+E87B and the diagonal one used for chords with offset altered bass notes is U+E87C.

Sorry for the noise and the confusion!
Yes you are right Daniel and I mismatched the numbers.
I could now succesfully edit and use another font for the “Chord Symbols Music Text Font”.
Thank you.

There is a huge amount of glyphs in both Bravura and Bravura Text how can we know which glyphs are really used in Dorico?

You can’t reasonably do so, I’m afraid. Looking at Petaluma is probably a better idea, since it’s not as comprehensive as Bravura in terms of its implementation of SMuFL, but it contains all of the glyphs that Dorico itself requires.

Good idea.
I will have a look then.
Thank you.