AskNet: Can you confirm (or not?) my upgrade to 7.5 please?

To Steinberg/AskNet -

A little embarrassed about this …

I’ve bought the Box version of 7.0, which sits unused on my shelf while I wait to get a DAW that runs Windows 7 or Windows 8. I’m fairly certain that I bought the upgrade to 7.5 a few months ago, before a special deal was set to expire ($49.99? … I can’t be sure). But I can’t find that receipt, or any trace of it in MySteinberg. I have to be honest that I can’ t actually say for certain that I did purchase the 7.5 upgrade … if there’s no record of the purchase at AskNet, I guess I would have to say I didn’t.

Can you help me please to track that down one way or another? It looks like I may be buying the computer soon, and need to load everything up …


Login at steinberg shop and you will see every purchase there:

You can also try to find a receipt in your e-mail box.

Hey, thanks for that Makumbaria.

The Online Shop site wasn’t definitive - though it didn’t have the Cubase 7.5 purchase listed, neither did it have the Cubase 7 purchase listed (which is currently sitting on a shelf in sight right now) … so its reliability is a bit suspect, I believe.

Email doesn’t have either one (Cubase 7 order, or 7.5), so not completely helpful either.

Thanks for trying to help, though :smiley:

If you haven’t activated your Cubase 7 yet, you should get the grace period 7.5 update.

Yes, thank you, that does remind me, that is what I was planning. Thank you!

Wow, thanks for this. I just didn’t see this at my regular mysteinberg account and I couldn’t even find a normal way to spot a login via the shop.

I thought I lost this information, great that they actually save that stuff there so I can activate my purchase. (lost the emaile trough provider pruning :stuck_out_tongue: hehe)