asknet issues

I purchased Cubase yesterday, and found a number of problems.

  1. the asknet shop didn’t give me an option to enter my GST (VAT) number, so charged me GST at 15%. I’m entitled to claim this back as it’s for business purposes.

  2. The asknet shop didn’t give me a GST invoice, so I can’t claim back the GST, so this is just a 15% bounty to asknet. Ka-ching!

  3. No information on the USB-eLicenser, so I’m not sure when that may be shipped or when to expect it, or even when to expect an email telling me anything about it.

  4. When I replied to the address, it bounced. Seriously??? take my money and slap me if I try to email you?

I’ve tried some other ways to get through to asknet, and I’m hoping I can get a GST refund, and that my USB stick will turn up some time.

Still waiting for my key to arrive.

Still no word on my key. This is pretty crazy.

did you open a ticket with them?

Did you even buy one…? It is not included with the purchase of Cubase (just in case)
Apart from that, on registering at asknet, there is a field to tick “I am Business customer”, which then shows the necessary field for VAT Numbers. And even if you are registered already, this tickbox is available in your account.

Hi. Yes I paid $75 NZ for the key and $35 for postage. No wonder KFC in the UK had so much trouble when they changed over.

It’s finally showing in tracking as having landed in Auckland. It must have got lost on the way to take 15 days to get here.

I did tick the box to say I am a business customer and I entered our company GST number but they still charged me GST. All up wasted close to $200 on the extra key, postage and GST.