ASPI Drivers 6.10.340

Dear Forum i am looking for ASPI Drivers version 6.10.340 that cannot be found anymore in Steinberg Support. If anyone still have them, can kindly send to me at this mail

Merry Christmas to everybody

Hi Gambass1
I was able to download the requested file from, but unfortunately I cannot send it to you as the file is an exe-file and treated from my provider as spam or virus.
Maybe you can download it on your own.
It may be necessary to install a tool like Filezilla to get access to the ftp-server.
If you can provide me with another method I can try to send you the file.

All the best

Hello Franz, thanks for the answer;i confess that the procedure with Mozilla it’s too complicate for me. if you have telegram, you could send it to m,y account. in case you can do that i will give you my telegram contact.



Hello Gambass,
I have sent you an email with a link to dropbox.
I hope you can download the file from there.
Best regards

Thank you very much Franz, i downloaded it :slight_smile: