Assets For Learning ReConform?

Hello everyone! I’m interested in learning how to use the ReConform function in Nuendo, and I was wondering if anyone knew of a place where I could get some resources to practice with? I am familiar with but from what I have seen on there, their projects don’t include EDLs or CSV marker sheets, which are what the ReConform function needs in order to operate (if I understand correctly). Does anyone know where I can get some projects to work on that include these resources?

I think there are examples in downloads from Ediload (download the demo).

The problem is that actual productions are owned by someone so although i have lots I can’t give you the files.

It’s not difficult you just need to know “the rules” for it to work well.


Exports of video reference and EDLs have to be created from the same indentical NLE timeline or it won’t work.

EDLs needs to be exported using the same export settings each time.

“Flatten” the video edits to the main V1 video track for all regular edits. Keeping all VFX/grade etc on other video tracks.

export the V1 video EDL separate from the Audio EDL. Don’t mix them (you can if you have the tools to deal with it but not for Nuendo reconform).

make sure the editor or assistant exporting the material knows what they are doing or it can end up a mess.

You make sure to abide the above for each time you export picture and EDLs.

Now it’s just a matter of comparing the old and new video EDLs in Nuendo Reconform tool and run the actual reconform. And then fix all the issues the process has undoubtedly created.

So the Nuendo part is pretty straightforward. It’s the diligence and structure on the NLE side that causes the largest hurdle.


Thank you so much, Eric!