Assign CC1, CC11, and Volume to faders globally

Hi guys. So I have a Nakedboard CC controller and am running Cubase Pro 10. I want to assign CC1, CC11, and Main Volume to the rightmost three faders on my controller.

I know how to do this in Note Expression for one instrument in the Inspector. My question is, how do I make it global, so that when I add a new instrument, my controller works immediately, without having to stop and edit Note Expression again?


Do it on the hardware side. Just assign these controllers (CC1, CC11 and CC7) to the last 3 faders.

My controller is quite literally just a series of faders… there’s no visual interface or anything. No way to program it or assign anything.

In the Inspector panel in Cubase, under Note Expression, you can have the instrument learn which fader corresponds to what CC. I just want to make it global, so that I don’t have to do it for every instrument.


in Cubase you can assign dedicated Controller to any Cubase function in the Generic Remote Device. But you cannot remap it to other MIDI CC.

To do so, I would use MIDI Input Transformer > Global.

I don’t think so.

Using the Chrome web browser visit: Settings mc-8 without midi-port?

Contact the naked boards developer if you need more info on that.

Using the Chrome web browser

I’ve just ordered the MIDI-Controller MC-8 from
Note that the PayPal payment system does not work on Windows 7 under Internet Explorer 11 - the scroll bars are missing from the web page.
I used Firefox instead. I hope I can also use Firefox for the settings, because I try to avoid anything to do with Google.

To anyone browsing this in the future- Steve was right. I had to program it on the hardware side.