assign interface tracks to tracks in cubase le 9

I upgraded to LE 9 from LE 5 and am having trouble trying to assign inputs to specific tracks.
I have a zoom R-24 which supports up to 8 tracks simultaneously recording.

So, for instance, if I want to record the drums, I can have 8 mics hooked up and recording all at once. In LE 5 I could assign each input to individual tracks in the DAW. I can’t figure out how to do that in 9. All inputs show as active in the device setup area and I have all of them set to mono in the vst setup. What I don’t have is controll over which input goes to which track.


Not sure of this applies to LE version, but open Mixing Console. On top there is the Routing buttons, open that and on the top of all Audio tracks you can select witch input track to record from.

Thanks! That did the trick! I have a couple templates set up now. In LE 5 it was in the upper right corner of the track editor and it wasn’t named so it was hard to notice. I think this may be a better way to handle it.