Assign Key Command To Markers?

Sorry for the dual post from WL7 forum, but it looks like that place no longer gets any traffic. And this is something that’s kinda driving me nuts with my current montage.

Is there a way to assign key commands to markers as in Cubase so that you can move the cursor to them WITHOUT requiring the mouse at all?

IOW: setting up a Marker ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, etc. which one can instantly move the cursor to?

I know I can click on each Marker in the Marker List Window but again that requires the mouse. I’d like to not have to use the mouse at all.

Can do? If so, procedure?



There are shortcuts to move back and forth between markers.
There are shortcuts to move back and forth between selection edges.

That’s all.


May suggest this as a Feature Request for V9?

I frequently work on montages where I would like to be able to instantly jump back and forth between clips that are -far- apart.

FWIW: I’ve watched the guy who masters my albums work and although he uses Wavelab for a lot of stuff, when he actually goes to assemble a CD he dumps everything into Pro Tools just for this reason. He wants to instantly jump back and forth between tracks to hear how the levels/timbres match from track to track. It’s a terrible waste of time for him, but I see why he does it.

If WL could do Cubase-style marker key shortcuts I think it would save a lot of people a LOT of time.



I have to agree with this. It’s funny how sometimes the simplest commands go un-thought of. Pro Tools is a great example for this action. When I did more mixing and production in Pro Tools, the first thing I did was make markers to map out the song because of how easy it is to skip between markers in Pro Tools. The same idea could be great for skipping to certain markers.

In Pro Tools, it’s simple. You press the number followed by the decimal (dot) on the numeric keypad part of the keyboard. It even supports two digit numbers so you can press the number 1, the number 4 (followed by decimal) and the transport skips to marker #14, even while playing.

I guess it would have to determine if Wavelab is only skipping to CD track markers, or any marker type.

When I am quickly switching between songs in Wavelab to compare loudness and EQ balance, I rarely choose the start of the song, I often manually change from the loudness or at least an average section of the song to another songs loudest or average section. Often times intros are too different to truly compare.

Anyway, +1 for the option to use a Pro Tools style numeric keypad command to jump between markers both with the transport stopped or rolling.

Yes, that’s exactly what my ME showed me on day one. The first thing I noticed was how he kept jumping between (what seemed to -me-) random spots in every song REALLY fast. Over and over and over. It took me a while to realise that he was balancing the -overall- feel of the record by comparing loud and soft bits -between- songs and then the overall level -within- each song. Can’t do that without key command markers. You don’t want to take yer eyes (and ears) off the music.

I think it’d be great if pressing a number on the keypad following by the period/decimal dot jumped to that CD marker. Support for double digits would be needed. Pressing 3 followed by the period/decimal dot would jump to CD track start marker 3. Pressing 1 and then 3, followed by the period/decimal dot would jump to CD track start marker 13.

Then holding shift while doing the same thing would include generic markers which you could place in loud/quiet or other important spots.

Ideally this would work with both the transport stopped or while playing.