Assign Key commands to recorded script

Is it possible to take in consideration for future updates to be able to assign key commands to recorded scripts, without doing all the workaround (geting the script in keycommand file, assign a key and so on).
Would be pretty nice to have this simplified, and to be able to have a script list and assign easily a key command for each of them.

You can do this now with Keyboard Maestro (apologies, I don’t know what the Windows equivalent would be).

Autohotkey is an alternative on Windows. Anyway you can read the following link if you want to get your hands dirty:

Believe me, my hands are filthy. :wink:

Of course you can do it that way but personally I prefer the KM approach because a) it’s simpler and b) it doesn’t need Key Commands.

I completely agree, David. Hopefully following versions will include the feature that yusayit says.

JitBit Macro Recorder is an app like AutoHotkey as it claims to be one of the best macros for the Windows operating system. Not limited to keyboard and mouse recording. this software is a complete automation tool and allows you to insert custom commands and phrases into your macros.