Assign keyboard key to specific function of a specific track

Hi, trying to figure out is there is a way to map a single key on my keyboard to a specific function of a specific track? For example, I want to map the solo/mute option on my ref track to the letter q on my keyboard, so I can instantly toggle it on or off anytime I just press “q” on my keyboard to quickly A/B? This is something very easily mapped in Ableton, but since I switched to Cubase I can not figure out if this is possible? Thanks

You can use Project Logical Editor to do these things - create a preset and map a key to it.

For example, to have a ref track solo with one key, I’d route it to a separate bus (can be mapped to the same audio output), keep it muted by default, then make a preset like this:

Assign a key to that and it should work. Only culprit is, that nothing else should be soloed in the moment of pressing the key, because logical editor doesn’t seem to have an option for exclusive solo.


Thanks so much!! Game changer for me to A/B between my ref track!!