Assign keyboard to a vst


I’ve got some difficulties with my Cubase Elements to assign my midi keyboard to a vst.

Today, I can play my vst if I select the corresponding midi track. But, if i select another track and press my keys… nothing happens.

What I’ve got in mind it’s the possibility to plug several midi keyboard and each one is assign to a vst intrusment.

Some help would be amazing !

It’s not exactly clear (to me, at least) what you are trying to achieve. Do you have multiple controllers (MIDI keyboards) and want each to only send input to one particular track? More details, please.

Sorry for the confusion :slight_smile:

I’ve got a Akai MPK Mini 2 I plug as USB. It is correctly recognized by Cubase and works well. For example, when I’m on the track of one of my vst (NI Absynth), and I play on my keyboard, I hear the sound, everything is ok.

But, if I unselect the track, and select another track, like an audio track, and play my keyboard, I’ve got no sound. I need to select the vst track to play the vst :slight_smile:

It would be great that my keyboard is linked to one vst instrument track, no matter which track I’m on.

Thanks !

Ahhh … ok. I think I understand somewhat now. Some screenshots (one while it functions as you would like and one after selecting another track and having “no sound” on the first track) might be useful. It seems like possibly a monitor enabled/disabled situation or maybe a mute/solo state problem? Just guessing here.

I think you might have “record enabled follows track selection” and whatever track you select it becomes armed for record and audio tacks don’t play MIDI notes. You can disable that in preferences and “record enabled” will stay at the same MIDI\instrument forever until you change that for other instrument.