Assign MIDI keyboard controls with amplitube (Beginner)

Hello, I am trying to connect the knobs on my Nektar LX88+ with the interface face knobs in Amplitube. I tried to right click and press the learn MIDI function and then move one of the knobs on my keyboard but nothing. If anyone could help that would be great thank you.

Hi, IK Multimedia always makes things that little bit more complicated for our amusement…
You need to creat a MIDI track and assign its output to Amplitube (you’ll see it on the dropdown list). Then you need to engage monitoring in both the MIDI and the Audio track where you have Amplitube inserted, keep the MIDI track selected, and then you can already right-click on the knob, select MIDI learn and turn the knob on your controller.

Thank you so much Aldergrover. I can finally adjust my amp settings like in real life and find the sweet spot for each dial with my MIDI pots. I can do it with my mouse, but there’s just something about turning pots and dialing in a sound. Thanks again.