Assign Midi Ports - Cubase and VSL, VEP.

Hello folks,

I have only posted one question on a forum, and am not quite sure how this works, but I’ll give it a shot.

I am trying to use Cubase 10 with Vienna Ensemble Pro and Vienna Instruments, and I can’t figure out how to assign midi ports, so that I can take advantage of VEP. Whenever I create a new midi track, it makes a new “instance” of VEP. It is I believe something I am missing in Cubase, and not a problem on the Vienna side, although I am certain a clumsy user of VSL. I can’t figure it out from the manual, and have found no video tutorials that talk about it.

If anyone can give me the clue I would so appreciate it!

thank you!

Since I don’t know the level of your experience with VEP, I’ll start from the basics.

  1. Make you have an instance of VEP running and loaded with your VST instrument
  2. In Cubase, create an instrument track and select the VSP Pro Plugin
  3. After you select the plugin you’ll need to select to “connect” to your running VEP instance in order to leverage it
  4. Cubase will prompt if you’d like to create a MIDI track, allow that to be created
  5. Within VEP, if you go to your VST instrument and right-click the sidebar; you should get an option of which midi track you’d like to use with the VST. Whatever MIDI track you select to be assigned to your VST in VEP would be the same one you’d assign to the MIDI track in Cubase.

If you press any key on your MIDI controller afterward and don’t hear any sound, then click the small speaker icon to the right of the record button on the MIDI track so that the color changes to orange and engage the monitor.

Those are the base minimal instructions that should work for you. If you’re still struggling with it, I’d advise to reach out to Paul Kopf at VSL. He’s a great resource and should be able to assist more in depth.

The Cubase component of your setup is so minimal in the larger scope of the VSL setup until you’re not likely to get too many responses if any in a Cubase forum.

Once you’ve created the instrument track, connected to the VEP instance and assigned a MIDI track to it, Cubase is pretty much out of scope.

VEP is a great product I’ve used for a few years now and once you grasp the basics for setting it up; it really isn’t complicated. Try using their forum as well; you’ll get way more feedback and assistance. :wink: Use the link I’ve provided below.