Assign mouse buttons to tools

Please make it possible to assign different mouse buttons to different tools. For example, Left Button is the pointer, Right Button is the Line Tool, etc.

Thank you.

That’s more a function of the mouse driver than Cubase. Even though I never play games I got a gaming mouse because they have lots of buttons that you can assign to key commands. I highly recommend it - having your most used commands at your fingertips is very useful.

Thanks for the reply. That’s actually a great idea. Thanks!

Configuring the mouse driver works to an extent, but it doesn’t enable the ability to have different tools assigned to the mouse in different windows. For example, in the Project Window I might want to have my Right Button be the “Mute Tool” while in the Key Editor I want the Right Button assigned to the Line Tool.

This is something I found most useful when I was a Logic user.

Well basically it will follow the same constraints as Key Commands which are not context sensitive so you can’t use the same keystroke for different things in different windows. I assume you know that a right-click brings up a tool selection pallet. Much less than what you want, but it’s something - not much, but something.

Personally I could never keep track of buttons doing different things in different windows. I’m sure I’d wear out the ctrl-Z keys in that situation. :blush:

It’s often been requested that Cubase had a more sophisticated macro/scripting capability which would make it easier to set up stuff like this. Still waiting.