Assign one rotary knob to move individual vst knobs based on mouse position

I just viewed a YouTube video by Woody and wondered if there is a way to do this in Cubase 12 using a midi script. I currently use the original fadar port and have the latest version of cubase. It works fine but I like Woody’s idea of being able to assign one knob and one slider to any vst knob and slider. (essentially assigning to mouse scroll wheel to a dedicated knob) Please refer to :


Assign the AI Knob (Mouse controller) in the MIDI Remote Mapping Assistant.

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I am not quite sure I understand. I have been trying to assign a rotary knob (in this case a knob on my novation controller) to emulate the scroll wheel on my mouse. I have not had any success with the “value at mouse pointer” command. I cant use midi learn because the midi values in the vst change depending on the mouse location. Any suggestions?

I should have mentioned that my faderport was the first generation and doesn’t have the knob in the middle. Sorry.


The AI Knob (Value at mouse pointer) works as the mouse scroll wheel only at automatable controls and some other controls in Cubase. But it’s not a real scroll wheel, so you cannot scroll with it.