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Long question short: Is there a way to select text and change its paragraph style?

Explanation: I’ve been working on a big project involving many Dorico projects. Over time, some of my formatting decisions have changed. I long for the day when I can import paragraph styles and customized articulations into an existing project. Until then, my workaround idea is to rebuild existing projects by importing flows into a new project. Trouble is, all the text formatting from the original flow/project is lost. The incoming text has no “tag.” That is not the real trouble, though. I can’t figure out a way to retag the text using the correct formatting in the new file.


You can “import” paragraph styles inasmuch as you can save them as default, which should make them available in all other projects, including existing ones (possibly after closing/reopening the project or restarting Dorico).

To assign paragraph style to text: you need to “enter” the text items individually I believe, select the text, then select the paragraph style from the menu.

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Thanks for responding, Lillie, but I cannot figure out what you are talking about. How do I “import” paragraph styles? (You used quotes, which makes me wonder if you have something other than an actual import in mind?)
The flows I am importing into my new file already have text. I am unable to select that text and assign the properly-formatted paragraph “tag.” You seem to be describing a different process. I would like to keep the text and change its appearance to match that in other projects.

Yes, I didn’t mean a strict import - I meant

which you can read about in the manual.

What type of text is it - in a text item, added to the music? or in a text frame? Either way, you need to “enter” the text (for a text item, select it and press Return or double-click it). It’s written up here.

I realize that some of the text I am trying to reformat is not in a paragraph but is a lyric. So, yes, I am able to highlight and reassign paragraph formatting to each item of text. Sure would be nice if I were Dorico took the paragraph names (the “tags”) and automatically reformatted them.

I suspect if the text items use paragraph styles that you have saved as default, and are therefore available in all projects on your computer, their paragraph style would be retained.

Thanks, Lillie!

Just in case I am missing something: is there currently a way to select several text items and change their paragraph styles? In a sort of batch-change paragraph styles?

I receive regularly Dorico files for arranging, in which I have many text items with the “wrong” paragraph style (meaning, for example, for sound descriptions for keyboards, I have agreed with my project partners to use a specifically created “keyboard sounds” paragraph style, so changes can be made for the entire score later easily). I would be very grateful if I could just select all the text items and chose a paragraph style for them without entering text editing mode.

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Unfortunately not at present. I agree this would be nice.

Also the ability to select a text item and change its formatting without editing it (italic, for example).

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