Assign poco vibrato playback

I’m new to this forum, don’t know exactly where to post this topic. Let me know and I’ll move it to right place.

Just learned how to create a new playback technique in NotePerformer’s expression map. I’m missing the ‘poco vibrato’ playback feature. So I made a new one in NP’s expression map.

How do I assign this playback technique to the ‘poco vibrato’ (written in score) ? Current playback of ‘poco vibrato’ is set to “vibrato” which doesn’t make any difference from normal vibrato. I’d like to have just a little…

Thanx / Adrian

Welcome back to the forum, Adrian.

You’ll need to either create a new playing technique or edit an existing one in Engrave > Playing Techniques that references the new “poco vibrato” playback technique you created and assigned in the NotePerformer expression map.

Thanks for such quick reply, Daniel!
Myself, I went to bed …, now “in office” again.
Ok, I found how to edit Playing Techniques in Engrave menu. However I can’t find the “poco vibrato” I just created among the playback actions. What have I missed?

I was able to edit an already existing playback, such as “vibrato”, just decreasing the amount in this one - worked perfect! But I want to add playback for “poco vibrato” without the use and edit of another one.

Thanks /A

Perhaps when you created your new playing technique in Engrave > Playing Techniques, you didn’t click the Edit button next to the Playback technique field? You need to also create your own playback technique, which is what you can then assign in your expression map.

I did click Edit button. But I can’t find the ‘poco vibrato’ playback that I created in NP’s expression map in the list. I can edit an existing technique, such as ‘vibrato’, decreasing the amount via CC105, but when I create a new, it doesn’t appear in the ‘edit’ list under Engrave-Playing Techniques…

Perhaps try going to Play > Playback Techniques and creating the poco vibrato technique afresh, then go and assign it both in your expression map and in your playing technique.

Sorry, I fail…
Easy to create a fresh poco vibrato under Play>Playback Techniques, but how do I connect it with what I set in the expression maps? Do I need to save my own expression map ? For now I just edit in NP expression map

Oh, I think I just managed!
I double-clicked on the list at poco vibrato in expression maps to get “combinations” and then I chose poco vibrato, seems to work now!
Still need to learn a lot in this area. Small steps…
Thank You Daniel!

vibrato depth override is controlled by CC105 in NotePerformer. “Poco vibrato” is not supported directly as you’ve established but for maximum control of vibrato, it’s best to enter a value directly into the automation lane in the Play window. CC105, 40 is probably around where you should be looking for “poco vibrato” but experiment as you wish.

But I just managed to create my own playback for poco vibrato. I used CC105=25 in this case and it’s satisfying. I use the poco vibrato a lot and it’s nice to have it working in the playback. Thanks anyway!

fine – then we’re thinking along exactly the same lines if you’re happy with just the one preset! I used to use a value of 30-40 a lot in Sibelius but it sounds like you want just a tad less.

Yes, I believe 32 sounds much closer o 64 than 1…, and I really want a big difference, yet not without vibrato.