Assign preview channel to a separate output

Hey all. Does anyone know if there is a way to assign different outputs to preview or monitor media bay instead of it being monitored through the “Main Outs” or Monitor Outs?

That would be great!
One thing i miss from Reaper :smiley: heheh

You can do it in Studio One as well. You can select a different output other then the main outputs for your audition channel. Will work great in Cubase for when you’re summing with a hybrid setup, where when tracking, you listen from the analog outputs, and when mixing you listen from the digital outputs. So when tracking, I can’t preview sounds in media bay unless I’m listening from the digital monitor outs

Did you try to add headphones output in control room? It should be possible to route the preview to headphones instead of main monitor output.

Yes I did try the headphone outs. Worked well. The problem with that is I have to deselect the Mix button so I don’t get a loop back of the audio from the output I selected and “main outs”, which is the Mix Button on the Headphone Channel. So to remedy that I select a cue send instead of the Mix. That all works perfect, but when I close the project out and re-open another project, the Mix button in the Headphone outs automatically defaults back to being On, even tho when I closed the session it was off. So that becomes super annoying having to deselect the Mix button because of loopback audio everytime I open a new session