Assign "previous/next" buttons for 3rd party VST

This specific function I’m REALLY missing in Cubase. And have been missing for years.
When browsing patches/sounds in a third party vst synth I now have to click one the mouse every time I want to select the next sound. It would be great to be able to browse to the next sound on a midi keyboard. And even better, if in general it was easier to a assign any function in CB to a midi button. Like in Ableton where its just one click. Its still kind of complicated in Cubase to assign a function through the Midi Remote Manager. It would be great if it was just super quick and easy like in Ableton or mainstage. Where you just right click on the button and select “assign” and then touch the button/knob you want to assign on the midi device. And then its assigned.

Concerning VSTs, it’s up to them to allow you to MIDI learn the parameters exposed. In many VSTs preset previous/next are assignable by activating their internal midi learn mode. Nothing to do with the DAW. Now, if what you’re after is assigning a, say, preset next to an instrument quick control, which is then bound to a midi remote control, indeed it’s not the easiest thing to do, since it involves using the midi remote editor for the plugin.

As far as my understanding you can assign any function to any midi button in Ableton.
Do you know if there is a way or a workaround for assigning the “previous/next” button in Cubase to a midi button? (With a 3rd party vst synth.)

IF the vst supports vstPresets, Cubase’s commands are shown here:

However, to my knowledge, most VSTs have their own mechanism for dealing with presets. Do you have a specific plugin in mind, so I can give it a try and see better what can be done?

Where do you find that menu on the screenshot you’ve sent?
For instance u-he or arturia synths.

It’s the main menu “Edit”-> “Key Commands”.

Ok, let’s see an example with Arturia’s Modular V. If we open it, and then open the right section and go to the tab “MIDI”, we can see a “Learn” button. If we click this, all the controls of the vst which are exposed by the manufacturer will turn to a purple color when they are not assigned to a midi cc, and a red one when we have already assigned them.
In our case, we have to click on the preset Up/Down of the Modular V and then press the button we want it to be assigned to. But, again, this has nothing to do with our DAW, it’s an internal feature of the VST.

Okay nice, I didn’t know that. Thank you.
Thats a nice feature for Arturia plugins.
Unfortunally not all vst’s can do that. But as far as my understanding you can do this with anything in Ableton? Like assign any function from any plugin to any midi button.

I’m not an Ableton user, however I would be surprised if it could map functions not exposed by the VST. IF it is exposed, it can be mapped in Cubase too, even if you maybe have to use the Remote Editor of the Plugin.