Assign Quick Controls for Instruments manually


I noticed that a lot of developers don’t assign the parameters of their instruments to be read out by DAWs or hardware controllers (see screenshot). That happens mostly with Kontakt instruments.

The workaround is to use general MIDI CC instead and use MIDI Learn to assign the parameters to a CC value, BUT if a parameter is changed inside the instrument itself, the value of the CC won’t update as the connection between the instrument and the CC is not bi-directional. Furthermore the motor faders of hardware controllers don’t react to it.

So, is there a way to assign parameters inside of Kontakt manually, or can that only be done by the developer?


Isn’t it related to VST2 plug-ins?

You could use the Learn function. Enable the L, then select the Quick Control slot and then move the controller in the plug-in.

No, some of my Kontakt instruments do have parameters assigned properly.

I know that, but it’s not quite the same. I’ll just quote myself again:


Yes, the instrument doesn’t send the MIDI CC out.

I still don’t get, why do you need the workaround, sorry. Does the Learn work?

If I understand correctly…

Some guy wanted his fancy light pads to blink and dance on his MPC controller as a track plays. Problem is, the MIDI track is playing a plugin, he wants it echoed back to his MPC too.

So…I told him: If it lives on a MIDI track instead of an Instrument track, you get AUX MIDI Sends…so you can send the track back to the MPC device from there.

In this case, if you don’t want anything but CCs to go back to the mixing desk, you could add a MIDI Transformer Insert to the AUX Send, and filter out everything but the CCs you want echoed.

Another more proper method would be to use a Generic Remote (Or better yet, a specific profile for the Mixer if it exists and has it’s own sysex/rpn/nrpn routines for higher resolutions and such). To drive those motorized faders.

The “QC Learn Mode” doesn’t work unfortunately. Maybe that’s a feature only VST3 plugins support. That’s why I came up with the workaround, which is not quite doing what I want.

PS, if it lives on an Instrument track, there’s a way to make ‘shared copies’ of that part off on another MIDI track that mirrors the same info, and have that sent to the thing that needs it.

I just found a solution. A Kontakt developer told me, that all parameters can be assigned via the “Automation → Host Automation” tab within Kontakt itself. Parameters assigned there are using a bidirectional connection and can be read by my controllers.

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