Assign sound to pad MPK MINI AKAI

Hello, J’m looking every where on web, or akai web site, I don’t found the solution. I can’t assign the sounds I want to the pads of my MPK mini Akai keyboard. For example, I use Kontact. I want to assign specific sounds (specific keyboard keys) of a percussion to the pads, don’t understand how to do it. Can you help me please ?
An idea ?
Thank you


The Pads are sending common Note On message. So just find the right note in Kontakt and place the sample there.

You can do the same in Grove Agent SE.

Ok thanks, but how to assign a sample to the pad, that’s the question :slightly_smiling_face:.
I have all the sample on keyboard, put there is just 6 pad on mpk mini. And I want to play with the pad :slightly_smiling_face:


The pad doesn’t make any sound. The player (in your case Kontakt) does. So you have to find out, which MIDI Note to assign the sample to, based on the pad, which MIDI Note does it send out.

Ok it’s a master keyboard, I know this, thanks :wink:. But I don’t know where changed assignation… Do you know ? It’s in cubase I supposed ?


When you press a pad on the hardware, it sends dedicated MIDI Note. As you mentioned, you are using NI Kontakt as your instrument. That means, you have to put the sample in Kontakt to the given Root Key/MIDI Note.

So the assignment is done in Kontakt (or other instrument like Groove Agent) by assigning the sample to the given Root Key.