Assign tempo with CMC PD rotary knob

Is there a way to control the tempo of Cubase on the transport without highlighting the tempo by assigning the rotary encoder of the CMC PD as a permanent control for tempo?2021-08-31T04:00:00Z


In the Tempo Track Editor, you can open the Tempo Recording Panel. Here you can use a slider to control the tempo while playback.

But to my knowledge, you cannot assign this to any Remote Device. And you definitely cannot assign the controller from the Transport Panel to any Remote Device.

Thank you for that info. I thought that might be the case but wondered if I might be missing a step. I don’t know how to code but I thought if I can adjust tempo with the wheel on a mouse I’d be able to assign it to a knob.


You could try AI Knob (if you have one on any of your devices) and Lock it for this parameter.

I’d last played around with this years ago and at that time you could record the Tempo Changes during playback but it didn’t actually change the Tempo you heard while recording - you didn’t hear the timing vary while making the adjustments only afterwards. Which made it rather useless. But now it seems to change the Tempo in realtime, which is nice to know.

I couldn’t get my AI to work with this. Besides dragging the slider, the only thing that worked for me was the mouse scroll-wheel.


Oh, sorry, I haven’t tried it.