Assign track picture on multiple tracks?

Is there a way to assign a track picture to multiple tracks in one go??

In C 9.5 you selected the tracks and double clicked on the track picture area and chose the icon and all the selected tracks got the same icon.
Now in C 10 when you double click the picture area all the other tracks get de-selected! :open_mouth:


I asked this two months ago. :open_mouth: Am I the only one this one bothers?
Is it a bug or one of these “new features” implemented in ver. 10?

Anyone? :cry:

This was the first result in a Google search for “Cubase assign track image to multiple tracks.” I didn’t even know it WAS possible in previous versions (that I skipped over). It’d be really good to have this…

I have same problem. Any Solution?

I literally just 30 secs ago I closed Cubase after updating my template with clicking on 30 individual tracks for added picture icons.

Yeah, its disappointing you can select multiple tracks at once and use the Q link to added picture icons.

We need icons in the tracks because the track names on the bottom of the mixer are too darn small and scrolling is easier with the icons.

Why is this not possible? Really annoying to do it track by track. Please Steinberg allow assigning track’pictures to multiple tracks.

Not possible since 10 version (at least 9 and 9.5 could do it). I used that a lot! And I miss… :unamused: