Assign USB guitar cable input? Mac

Hi- I’m trying to assign a USB guitar cable input and while it shows up in the Audio/Midi and Sound prefs in the computer, Cubase does not see it as an input in the Audio Connections unless I assign it in the Studio Setup as the ASIO Driver but then, of course, there is no sound out.

If anyone has had success with this or any input, I would appreciate it. Thanks!


You can use only one ASIO driver in a given time. So you can use one device on the input side and another device on the output side.

When you are on Mac, you can create an Aggregate Device in the Audio MIDI Setup utility. Here you can “glue” multiple drivers to one. Then in Cubase use this Aggregate Device. Be aware, Aggregate Device is not officially supported by any DAW. It could lead to a sync issues.

Martin is, of course correct, but on PC’s you may be able to get both devices (MIDI guitar ands your usual ASIO interface)working at the same time using ASIO4ALL as a driver for both hardware input/outputs but it doesn’t work with all device combinations. It’s free so may be worth a try.

Aggregate Device worked! Thank you both for your input- I appreciate it