Assign virtual instruments to different parts on the same track (midi or instrumental)


Can different virtual instruments be assigned on the same track (midi or instrumental)? Or rather, on different parts in the same track?

I would like to assign different sounds / articulations, coming from different virtual instruments, on the same track, but on different parts, so the staff remains intact!

If currently it cannot be done, I will add this to the requests for the future, thanks.

You cannot assign different “parts” to different instruments, but “notes” to different instruments.
To do so you’ll have to use MIDI Sends and change the midi channels of the notes.
(optionally using Polyphonic voices in the score too)

Change the MIDI channel of your track to “Any”.
Then use MIDI Sends to sends MIDI data to your different instruments.
Set notes MIDI channel accordingly.

The main limitations:
-Directions from Expression Maps as well as Dynamics Mapping can only be sent to MIDI channel 1.
-The number of MIDI Sends slots available is limited (4)

So there are workarounds, but not straightforward nor perfect.

Thanks TheMaestro,
I know the note / channel assignment, but only with a multitimbral virtual instrument.

Instead, I don’t know at all the method you described. I’ve never used MIDI sends, how do you proceed? How are they used for the case in question?

MIDI Sends are only available on MIDI Tracks, not Instrument Tracks. So when you do this you’ll need your VSTi’s to be loaded as a Rack Instruments (bottom section of the VSTi Rack) not a Track Instrument (top section). Then use MIDI Tracks to drive them.

FYI you can also cascade MIDI Tracks using MIDI Sends. So one Track’s Sends feed 4 other MIDI Tracks each with 4 sends.

Thanks raino, I’ll try now!

However it would be nice to be able to select a part, within a track, and choose vsti and midi channel!