Assigning Bluetooth MIDI Devices to Tracks

Hello all…this is my first post. Hope all are safe and with good health. Please take care.

I have Roli’s Seaboard Block and Lightpad Block. These are Bluetooth devices.
I wish to assign them as independent inputs to two different tracks and use them simultaneously. The situation is that I would like to play lead sounds using Seaboard Block and my friend would play percussion using Lightpad Block after arming the tracks and selecting appropriate instruments for the tracks. And another friend would be singing as well. In effect I am looking at recording three different tracks simultaneously. I would like to take advantage of recording on multiple tracks simultaneously. I am not sure whether I can assign two different blue tooth devices to the respective tracks. Please advice. Thanks.

Hi rammohan p,

Thanks for your message.

Cubasis supports to have a single MIDI over Bluetooth device connected.

If I remember correctly, this should work fine since the ROLI hardware devices can be simply connected to each other, functioning as a single device afterwards, correct?

Please follow this tutorial, to learn how to setup MIDI over Bluetooth with Cubasis.

In regards to your other question, Cubasis supports up to 24 ins and outs.
This includes the option to simultaneously record tracks as well, all depending on the hardware device in use.

Hope that helps.


I am certain you can use more than one Bluetooth device over MIDI. At least with BT transmitters that use the legacy DIN output. I’ve got a half a dozen recordings to prove it. In my case, the BT devices appear in the input pulldown menu. I just checked the file, but it has drums connected via the DIN plug and two keyboards via bluetooth. One uses the brilliant Yamaha BT plug that needs no battery and the other, an older PUC BT transmitter. I don’t know if it will work with BT over “USB MIDI”. Latency over BT is enough to throw off the high hat playing, but hardly noticeable with instruments that have slower attack. Good luck!