assigning CC to midi controller

I bought this midi controller and I want to assign CC74 cutoff and other to the controller. I have been told, that it is very easy to do. How do I set it up in Cubase 8.5?

If you want your knobs on your controller to transmit a certain CC you need to set up the controller, not Cubase.

Usually they come with some kind of preset editor, where you can set up what each pad and knob does (what note, CC number…)

I asked the shop exactly about this, and they told me, that i have to set it up in the DAW.

Try the Editing software if you don’t have it already.
It’s very simple indeed.
You can set up your own presets and switch between them.

Cubase just takes whatever the controller sends to it.
You can remap a CC in Cubase using Transformers but it’s more hassle than setting up the knob to send that CC in first place.

Or you can assign your 8 knobs to Quick Controls.
Then use a quick control to control filter cutoff.
This way you don’t need to worry about the CC numbers.

thanks i will take a look at the editor