Assigning cc7 AND cc11 to a single quick control?

Hi there,

How do I assign cc7 AND cc11 to a single quick control?

I want to create expressive string lines and combining them both to one controller should result in more expression!

I’m using 8.5 Pro but I don’t think it makes any difference!

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James Colah


You cannot assign two MIDI CCs to one QC.

Actually there is no Midi Macro control and Midi Mapping in Cubase, i really wish one day they will add that with also more midi modulations goodies…
Maybe you know, but in case not :wink: There are few workaround like Plogue Bidule or Blue Cat audio, but not free… then with the fader C1(cc7)&C2(cc11) of Bluecat audio assigned to the same CC in “midi input” (for exemple CC21) you can add it (CC21) to the QC to control the cc7 and cc11.

Hi Martin and tepa,

Many thanks for that information.

Hopefully it will be possible by the time Cubase 13 Pro is available! :wink:

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James Colah

If you are on Windows you can use MIDI-OX Data Mapping feature for this. Free. And will last you the seven years till Cubase 13 comes out. :wink:

Of course you can route multiple midi cc# to a single QC:
use the quick control device for the first assignment and/or as many generic remote devices with the quick control slot # destination as you have cc# sources…

I presumed he meant that a single QC should send send two different controller messages, CC7 and CC11.

Actually I think he wants to control one QC by two different MIDI CCs on the input.

both is possible

hmm. Maybe he’ll come back before 2024 and tell us. But Midi Macros, the feature in Live is what I figured he meant.

Please elucidate, TabSel

I stand corrected. As long as you use a different Generic Remote device for each iteration it works great. (Quck Controls are available in the Generic Remotes.)

Thanks TabSel. I had not tried that in all my time with Cubase! :blush:

Works with ONE generic remote if different cc# are from the same midi port, doesn’t it?

Hi Steve and TabSel,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

Thanks for your comments. Yes I simply want to change cc7 and cc11 information at the same time using one knob on my controller keyboard.

I only have one controller keyboard so if this is still possible would you please kindly do a quick step by step guide for me?

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James Colah

WHAT do you want to achieve?

turn ONE physical dial/encoder to control MULTIPLE quick controls? Track QC or VST QC?
Turn TWO physical dials/encoders to control ONE quick control?

According to your last past post, you want to turn ONE physical dial/encoder resulting in TWO different midi cc# with the same value? That’s a another story… you could use transformers (global/track), midi insert fx/sends…

Yes probably transformer could be able to do it, personally i use and custom it for very basic need, it would be nice to have a library community for the different tools that cubendo offer, but that’s off topic :slight_smile:

Yes, the lower list (output) from the GR can be the same using different cc#s in the upper list on the same port.
But, for the same cc# to control two different params simultaneously, two GRs are needed on the same port.

With duplicate cc#s in two slots of the upper list, only the first is sent, the second is filtered out.

I cannot get the Input transformer to send out two cc#s from a single control, which sure sounds like waht the OP wants.

change cc7 and cc11 information at the same time using one knob

Use a midi send/transformer @ the destination?

If you have spare knob on your controller that’s not assigned as quick control, you can achieve that using 2 midi inserts (Transformer).
cc 711.PNG