Assigning certain text to be treated differently

Let me explain. I have a client who likes the academico text for everything EXCEPT they are very attached to their Courier New for actual spoken text read by vocalists. The way it is set up is this: There are four vocalists who sing and speak. Each part has both a 5-line vocal staff and a single line spoken staff. The spoken staff contains and X-notehead when speaking begins along with the boxed text above. Specifically, that boxed text is what I want to change globally to Courier New. Is there a fast way to assign any boxed text to be a different font from the rest of the score. It’s a 90 minute opera so I would rather not parse through the whole thing manually. Thanks!

Not as an inherent property of “all text items you’ve added via Shift-X”, but you can do this using paragraph styles. However, if you’ve already added the text without using a specific paragraph style according to its purpose, there isn’t an easier way of changing it than editing each text item, and selecting a new paragraph style.

When you add text items, they automatically select the “Default text” paragraph style. You can create as many new paragraph styles as you need – for example, I have some for the subtitle, and various types of text I like to use on prefatory pages (like for “Composer’s note” or “Performance instructions”). Once you’ve saved a custom paragraph style to your user library by clicking the star, you can then set up a custom key command that both adds a text item, and auto-selects that paragraph style in the text editor.

The benefit of using paragraph styles according to each bit of text’s purpose is that if you later decide that e.g. “all boxed text for spoken sections should be a bit larger, or bold and italic”, all you need to do is edit the paragraph style – and everywhere that paragraph style is in use, the text will update.