Assigning consecutive MIDI channels broken?

I could of sworn in the past if I had say 16 midi tracks all with random midi channels that there was a modifier key combination that I could hold while all the tracks are highlighted and choose midi channel 1 on the first track. It seemed in the past with this modifier combination then the midi channels would be in order…1,2,3,4,etc…

Is this broken now?


This is known issue for many years already. Unfortunately this “assign incrementally” function doesn’t work for the MIDI Channels.

Did it use to work? Seems like it did…

If so will it be fixed soon?


As far as I remember (but I might be wrong, because this issue is really old), it was working in Cubase 6.5 last time. It became broken with the new MixConsole concept. From this, you can even see, it’s unlikely it would become fix soon (unfortunately). There are higher priority issues/tasks.