Assigning controllers


I am having trouble working out how to assign the pressure pads on my Roland A 800 keyboard to specific sounds within Cubase.

I have managed to assign all the faders and pan controls etc by using generic remote within the device setup menu although I can’t find any option to assign the pads. What would the pads be called within this menu.

Any help will be much appreciated.


i guess you mean the drumpads of the A800 ?

These are not controllers but drumpads, and they generate a midi note.
If you open a track and create a part on that track, double click on that part to open the key editor.
play the pad and see on what note number they are assigned to.
you can change the note number within the A800. You don´t need any remote editor for that.

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I’ve got the A500. As roel said, it’s playing notes. You can modify the control maps through the A-PRO editor.
For example, I’ve moved all the controllers (buttons, pots, faders) to A-PRO 2 and kept the keyboard and mod/pitch on A-PRO 1. That way I can have the “all midi” only accept A-PRO 1 (i.e the keys) while all the modifications are done through the generic remote + quick controls which listens to A-PRO 2.

Thanks very much…that makes sense…I will give it a try.