Assigning existing notes to a second voice by creating it

I do have a few bars with rhythm patterns and want to change a few notes into a second voice. Until now there is just one voivce existing . How do I create a new voice by assigning this notes to a second voice?
After reading this:

I tried by selecting a note and pressing shift-v but as usual the first try does not work.
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With those notes selected, right click, voices, assign to new downstem voice 1.

Shift-V adds a new voice during note input (that is, when the caret is active). For changing existing notes outside of note input, follow Dan’s advice above (Edit > Voices > Change Voice > “new down-stem voice” or similar, I’m away from Dorico currently)

Thanx a lot! But

I’m away from Dorico currently

thats bad news.

I just meant I was on a different computer that doesn’t have Dorico on it for me to double-check the exact menu option string.