Assigning midi cc on Cubase 6 to control UAD2 plug parameter


I would appreciate it if anyone could show me how to do this.



Hi and welcome,

You can use Quick Controls. Make sure, you set your Quick Controls in the Devices > Device Setup > Quick Controls.

Then load the UAD plug-in. In the Quick Controls Inspector tab, click to L button to Learn. Then select the slot of the Quick Control, you want to assign to, and then move the wanted plug-in parameter in the GUI of the plug-in. Now, it’s assigned.

I hope, Quick Controls are part of Cubase 6 already.

Thanks Martin.

Yes, Quick Controls is a part of Cubase 6.

I know how to assign Quick Controls to the plug, -

But my question is - how to assign a CC?
(Not a Quick Control).

And, - From within Cubase, -
(Not a Controller).

If it’s possible to do ONLY with Quick Controls, - than how & where exactly do I ASSIGN the CC?

(And then, - how exactly do I use the CC, - after - it has been assigned).

Many thanks,



I see, I got your point, now.

VST3 plug-ins should support MIDI Learn. Most often, it’s solved by right-click to the parameter, then select MIDI Learn from the menu and send the MIDI Data.