Assigning midi controller knob to vst

Hi, can someone please explain how to assign a controller knob on my midi keyboard to parameters in VST? It’s really easy to do with NI stuff (kontakt, etc) by right clicking > midi learn > wiggling the knob and it’s assigned - but how do I do this for VST inserts? Specifically, I want to assign controller knob to filter cutoff in PSP N20


It depends on the Instrument. VST3 Instruments should support this right-click + MIDI Learn (or assign). If it’s not supported by the plug-in, you can use Quick Controls in Cubase.

CAn this be done in artist, i’m trying to assign quick controls to a VST plugin but the learn function is not working at all, it works fine in a VST instrument, thanks


There is an known issue with the Learn function. The correct way is:

  • Select MIDI Input.
  • Click Apply
  • Enable Learn
  • Move the HW knob/slider to make the assignment.


What about the learn function in the channel strip does that not work at all and only assignments can be done from the menus for each slot 1 - 8?

Or can they be overridden? How does that learn function work or is that another bug?


What exactly do you mean, please?

Ok, so i can go into the menus, assign each quick slot to a controller, i have this working fine.

On the channel strip istelf there is another learn button, however, i get funky results when using it, it only recognises a couple of knobs on the midi controller, I’m not really understanding why when i twist any knob it isn’t learning the midi controller number?
quck learn.JPG
It should just work right?


VST Quick Controls are for the VST Instruments. Track Quick Controls. And don’t forget to assign MIDI Input to the Track Quick Controls.

In the Studio Setup, you assign the MIDI Message, you will use to control the virtual “knobs” Quick Controls. In the Inspector, you Learn to assign the dedicated parameter to this virtual “knob” Quick Control on this particular track.

Thanks mate I think I understand it now, although i’m not entirely sure its implemented properly (or the drivers for the Arturia Beatstep(not pro) are a litte crap).

So, it seems like the VST control assignments 1-8 (whatever they may be) default as the track controllers 1-8 in the inspector when say assigning a controller to a VST FX parameter. (would this be true to say?)

I understand what the learn function does in the inspector now also (i think).

I have some much needed control over some plugin parameters like FX mix % now anyway, its not a fully fledged studio, but its some control at least when i mix.

Appreciated Martin!

Hi! Is this still the case or has it been fixed?


This has been fixed and it’s not necesary to click the Apply button anymore, once you select the MIDI Input port.