Assigning midi controller knobs to kontakt ?

How can I assign my midi controller knobs to kontakt ? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Provided that those MIDI controller knobs are arriving correctly at the MIDI/Instrument track, (and depending on the Kontakt instrument), this is done in the Kontakt GUI itself… left panel>Auto>Midi Automation, then drag from the list onto the desired knob/slider/switch.

Awesome! Thank you sir.

Very easy and its called Quick Controls.

  • First you need to setup and assign the Roland hardware controller to use it as “Quick Controller” in Cubase.

  • Now, anything you want to control and I mean anything from VSTI, Sends, EQ or what ever, its just a click away to be able to control it with you Roland hardware knobs.

    Also you don’t need to know what MIDI number or MIDI messages or what ever either. And you can control many devices with the same hardware knobs depending what channel or what instrument you have in focus inside Cubase.
    Example of devices are Kontakt, Omnisphere, EQ, SENDS, Volume, Massive, EQ plugins, Compressor, Filter knobs, Hardware synths etc…

Check the manual how to setup it!

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This has been hit and miss with Kontakt for me. The learn function for quick controls work as expected on some instruments while not at all with others. Is it because I need to assign a midi cc number to the knob first?