Assigning MIDI Knob to Control Session Tempo

Hello everyone,

I want to know if there’s a way to assign a MIDI knob to change the session tempo in Cubase. So far, the only method I’ve found is using the mouse wheel to change it.

Is there a way to make an encoder or fader control the BPM value change? I looked into the MIDI Remote, but I couldn’t find functions such as increase/decrease BPM. (There is half/double BPM, but I’m looking for continuous change, not BPM jumps.)

Any ideas on how to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!


Bietet sich denn da nicht die Tempospur an ? Per Controller die BPM zu ändern… versteh ich nicht … Oder hab ich die Frage falsch verstanden

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Hi @TomTom61 , and thanks for answering.

I want to have a MIDI button that, when moved, adjusts the tempo of the session. That’s all I need.

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This isn’t currently achievable. Not at Cubase so can’t be specific, but there is a GUI knob (or slider), probably in the Transport menu,you can use to set the Tempo. You can even move the control during playback & record the changes. However you don’t hear the Tempo Changes in realtime, only when you record & play it back.

So the knob is functionally useless because you can’t hear the changes as you make them. Last I looked at this was Cubase 12, so it might have changed, but I doubt it.

Well, it depends on how exactly you imagine this, I mean, if you just want to have tempo changed without its value being written to the tempo track, it is certainly achievable using the midi remote. Let me know if you need a guidance on this.

However, if what you’re after is actually writing these tempo changes, things get ugly.
I did try to implement it using the MIDI Remote, however my final attempt (which is actually part of my Novation SL MK3 script) is not giving smooth results, thus abandoned (at least from me).

Here’s a video demonstrating this and the issues involved:

And the snippet for the MR can be found in a reply to a relevant thread here:

It sure would be nice if we could conduct the Tempo.

But then considering everything happening under the hood when changing Tempos - from adjusting delay times, audio stretching, LFOs, etc. it might be a bit much to adjust all at once real-time.

Of course the audio stretching we now take for granted once seemed like an impossible dream.