Assigning Midi to VST instruments in v 6.5

I have split my Novation Impulse control keys in to 4 Zones and set the midi out as 1 to 4 respectively. I have created 4 midi tracks in Cubase and connected each track to its own VST instrument. I have set the midi channel on each Midi track 1,2,3,4. I have selected the Impulse keyboard on input. I expected Zone 1 to control the VST on midi channel 1 in Cubase, Zone 2 Midi channel 2 etc. But alas not so. All of the Zones play all of the VST,s. I want to use my VST’s live. I hope this makes sense Can anyone help me please?

Aloha f.

Try this:

Since MIDI channel #1 is kinda ‘standard’,
fire up your zone#2 on MIDI channel #2 and record some MIDI info into Cubase.

Now stop recording, select that track and open it with the ‘List Editor’. Check the MIDI channel column.

There should only be MIDI channel #2 info there.
If not, make sure the track (in the ‘Inspector’) is not set to ‘Any’ but
is set to it’s own separate MIDI channel. In this case #2.

Good Luck!

Thanks C,

I have done as you said and indeed I am receiving only the midi info from the zone as set. My problem is I want to control different VST’s from each zone and I’m struggling to see how this can work in 6.5.

Do you have the full version of Cubase (as opposed to Cubase Artist, Elements etc.)?
If so, then you need to activate a Local Input Transformer on each MIDI track, and use one of the included Input Transformer Presets, to filter out all but the desired channel for that track.