Assigning mod wheel to the Quick control

Hi~ :slight_smile:
I’ve got a keyboard that has one mod wheel.
So I’m planning to use this wheel variously.
I want to assign this wheel to quick controls, anywhere I want among 1 to 8.
For example, i’m assigning ‘reverb mix’ to quick 1, ‘attack’ to quick 2, ‘etc’ to 3~8, and assign a wheel to each 8 values that I need to control, any time.
I assigned wheel to value 1. And I wonder how to assign this ‘1’ to quick control 1 ~8.

I know there’s quick control window in the ‘device setup’, but it’s a little unconvenient and disturbing to open device setup window continually.
So I wonder if there is another way to assign this ‘cc1’ to quick control numbers, such as ‘transformer’ or some other windows.

Waiting for brilliant friend~


How should Cubase know, you want to control QC1 or QC2, when you assign the same source (CC1)?

Devices > Quick Controls is the only one place, where you can define the source of the QC.

Wouldn’t be faster to use plug-in MIDI Learn function directly (if the plug-in does support it)?

Thank for replying!
I anyway found the way,
That I assinged the modwheel to the qc1 as a default, and during the work, I assigned other object knobs to
Qc 2~8. And made qc1 to control other qc numbers by midilearn. In that way I’ve got to link other knobs to the modwheel as immediately as I need.