Assigning multiple track outputs to group channel gone?

I use to be able to select bunch of tracks (holding the shift key) and then assign all those track outputs to one group channel with one click (again holding the shift key, but I can´t do that anymore. It doesn´t work. It only assigns the first track in the bunch. So I have to assign every single track separately, which is annoying.

What have I missed or did Steinberg screw up this ability with the new mixer?

The modifier has changed. Unfortunately I can’t remember what the new one is, as I just do it without thinking. I have a feeling it is Shift+Alt, but the best thing to do (apart from reading the manual) is to set up a dummy session and try all combinations of Shift, Ctrl and Alt until you find the correct one.


Shift select channels. Right click in mix console> link selected channels. Control link settings click ok…

Its Shift + Alt now I belive.
Alot of these have changed and its very frustrating.

Like in VariAudio you now have to hold down CTRL to aviod moving events one full note at a time.

Its all very backwards to me at least.