Assigning one CC (example CC21) to all Track Quick Controls does not work, the first Quick Control hogs the MIDI.

I’m pretty sure it was possible to do this in a previous version…

assign MIDI CC21 to all 8 Track Quick Controls and be able to control all 8 with one MIDI knob on a controller.

Does anyone have version 8 or 4 in installed? pretty sure it was in one of those two.


In the Studio Setup > Track Quick Controls, I can set the same address to all Quick Controls.

Where does it fail on your side? Can you assign the same address? Or the same address is assigned but only the very 1st QC is controlled?

Same address is assigned, but the first QC only receives the MIDI. I’m pretty sure it used to work where you could control all 8QCs with one CC.


I tested with Cubase 9.5 and Cubase 8.5 and it was the same. Only the very 1st QC is moving even though I assign the same MIDI CC to all Track Quick Controls.


its still an issue though… like… if they are being said to all be the same CC… wwellll, it should work


myself I wouldn’t consider it as an issue. It was probably specified like this. Therefore I would qualify it as a Feature Request (different expectation).