Assigning Outputs in Kontakt

Apologies if this is more of a Kontakt question… I’m working on a voice and cello piece using Kontakt sounds. I’ve routed the staves to the appropriate Kontakt channels easily, but I find that Kontakt then routes all sound to the first fader in the mixer, and I cannot control each staff separately. I tried creating another output in Kontakt and assigning the cello to it, but then I get no sound from the cello at all. How do I configure the output that the cello gets routed to the second fader in Dorico’s mixer?

Have you definitely chosen the multi-output version of Kontakt, the one called Kontakt 5 Multi (or similar)? If so, then it should be as simple as going to the ‘Outputs’ panel inside Kontakt and ensuring that channel 1 is routed to output 1, and channel 2 is routed to output 2.

In principle, but Kontakt isn’t overly intuitive here… you can try to do (from dropdown menu in the output section) Batch Functions/Clear output section and create one ind. channel for each loaded instrument…

This is how I’d do it - it’s exactly the way Daniel described it. I’m using the Kontakt 5 16 Out VST and have set the second instrument to Channel 2. Both instruments play back on separate channels in Kontakt and in Dorico.
2 Kontakt (219 KB)

But the audio outs (returns) aren’t called channel 1 and 2 in Kontakt. What Dorico expects can be seen in the Mixer. The first fader expects returns on Kontakt out st.1 [2 Ch routed 1|2] whereas the 2nd fader expects audio return on aux 1 [2 Ch routed 3|4]

The Clear Output Section command did it, thanks fratveno! Not super intuitive indeed…

What is the ‘clear output section command’ please? can’t find it anywhere.

what you did is exactly what I’m looking for.
I did the same things I guess,
Bildschirmfoto 2019-05-23 um 15.40.50.jpg
but still the wrong result:
Bildschirmfoto 2019-05-23 um 15.41.06.png

ok…this older post made it:

You have to first save the output section and then set it as default preset. Than erase the Kontakt player you where just working with in Dorico, load it once again and then the Dorico Mixer just shows what it should show :slight_smile:
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