Assigning Slots/VST to Player/Instrument Crashes Dorico

Dear Dorico staff and users,

I’m using the Dorico Pro trial to test it out before purchasing. I’m liking everything about it so far (long-time user of Sibelius) except one thing that is eluding me: every time I change an instrument’s MIDI port or channel numbers, Dorico crashes. In addition, the VST “control panel” so to speak (the popup for HALion Sonic SE that appears where I can select each channel’s instrument is very finicky—every time I try to make the panel appear, Dorico either hangs/beachballs or the panel just never shows up. (It’s not behind any of the windows that are open, either.)

I have already tried the “Maintenance” command in the e-Licenser. No improvement.

I have attached the Dorico Diagnostics zip.

The only VST that seems to work the most reliably is the “Dorico Beeps”…and even then, from time to time, certain instruments just won’t make sounds (sometimes, they all function properly).

Can anyone give me any pointers?
Dorico (555 KB)

From thediagnostic reports we see that you are on an outdated version of HALion Sonic SE.
In the version that you have, you run into an issue that happens only on few computers, but if it hits you, then frequently.
We have a fix for that issue, so would you please try with an updated version of HSSE that you can download here:

Please try and let us know if you still have issues.

Thank you, Ulf! What’s interesting to me is that I just installed whatever the Dorico installer gave me. :man_shrugging: I will give that a try and report back!