Assigning sounds in Dorico Pro 4

I am new to Dorico and have done quite well learning note input, but I am having trouble getting any sounds at all - during note input or in play mode. I have experimented and looked at some videos but am currently being defeated! It may be a simple thing but I’m not getting it. (And yes the computer sound is on!!!) Any advice?

How is your EDIT > Device Setup configured?

You will want your Sampe Rate in Dorico to match the Sample Rate of your computer audio card.

P.S. What Computer Operating System are you using?

Windows 10

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Would you please create a new project from piano template, then enter a handful of arbitrary notes and then choose from the menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report. That will create a zip file on your Desktop which you please attach to a reply here.
The diagnostics give me a first overview and then I can come back with more specific advice.

Sound card was set at 48000 but Dorico was 44100. Tried changing Dorico to 48000 but it wouldn’t change - and then tried changing the soundcard to 44100 but still not working

Dorico (1.2 MB)

Dorico (2.86 MB)

Thanks for the data. Your problem is, that the audio driver does not detect any output ports and therefore does not know where to stream the audio out to.
Please go to Edit > Device Setup and in there click on Control Panel, a new little window appears. Then toggle the option at the top of that window (saying something about exclusive access).
When you do that, does then at least one port appear in the middle in the list of output ports?
If so, then close everything and restart Dorico and see if after that sound does come out.
If not, please do the same again, create a piano project and make a new diagnostics.

Yes one port appeared but still no sound - so I created another piano project (still no sounds on note input). Here is the diagnostics

Dorico (2.9 MB)

Would you mind installing a different ASIO driver? It’s called FlexASIO, it’s for free and can be downloaded from here.
After installation, restart Dorico, go to Edit > Device Setup and in the list of drivers FlexASIO shall appear. Choose that and try again with the playback.