Assining multiple inputs in order?

In Pro Tools you can select a range of tracks and apply inputs to them in numerical order.

For instance, select tracks 1-10 and apply inputs 1-10

How can I do this in cubase?

By holding the modifier key specified in the manual…

Yea, I have been looking in the manual, all 703 pages of it. I am not affraid of a little RTFM but I dont see it.

Asking for a short, this is how you do it answer, I am running Windows and Cubase 6.5

Any help is greatly appreciated,

Thank you fo ryour time,


The modifier keys usually are(on PC):
“Alt” “Strg” “shift” or a combination of those. Should take roughly 2 minutes to find out… (And it´s not “Shift” + “alt” this assignes same inputs to all tracks)
How do you do it in Pro Tools…?

I am not pro tools user, I have been using Cubase since SX3, I took an audio engineering class at the local college where pro tools is what they teach and learned this functionality

I figured it out Shift+A will assign ports to selected tracks in descending order

Shift and select in the mixer or track list assigns inputs or outputs in ascending order (to selected tracks) according to manual and confirmed on my PC.

The A is not required.

Page 164 “Routing”

Asending, my bad;-)

Thank you