Assistance and reactivation codes

Good morning,
I opened a support request on January 30th. No answer !

  • I have Cubase Element 10.5, since 2020
  • I installed Cubase EOM with a sound card, in 2023
  • I purchased an update from my 10.5 to 13, in January 2024

It does not work. In the meantime, switching to EOM seems to have messed up my eLicenses. My computer cannot find version 10.5 to update. My eLicense 10.5 is no longer usable. And I’m limited to 16 tracks!

How do I reactivate my 10.5? Customer service does not respond!




Are you still using the same system? Or do you have to Reactivate your Cubase Elements license first?

What do you mean? Do you mean Cubase LE or Cubase AI?


Between 10.5 and 13, I installed a free Cubase with a sound card. The seller says it’s a “LE OEM”. But I don’t really care about “LE”.

Problem: I purchased update 13 for my 10.5. But my 10.5 is no longer active. And the old code is no longer usable. So my update cannot be taken into account.

To reactivate old software you have to “contact support”, which does not respond…


You don’t have to. The process is fully automated. Just enter the new Soft-eLicenser Number.

Yes, I agree, it should be automatic.
I entered the update number correctly.
But my 10.5 is no longer registered in eLicenses. So no updates on… nothing. So I only have a sort of “demo” limited to 16 tracks…


In your account, there is already the Cubase Elements 13 license available. Start Steinberg Activation Manager and click to Activate.

Thank you so much.
Although I really think I already activated… I don’t understand why it wasn’t activated anymore…
But it seems to work!
Thank you a thousand times, Martin.

Thanks to Martin at Steinberg for his help. Everything is working ! Thanks thanks !

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