Assistance With CI 1 + Mic Setup

Hey there, thanks in advance for any help I receive, I really appreciate it.

I just bought and installed several products. A logitech HD Pro C920, a SHURE SM58 mic, a CI 1 Steinberg USB Audio Interface and the cable that connects the SHURE SM58 mic to the CI 1 Steinberg USB Audio Interface.

I have everything installed and plugged in, everything works as far as I can tell.

Now here is my question:

I plan on making video’s for a few things and I want to upload them onto Youtube. So in essence, I want to record video clips of myself to add to parts of the video’s I upload, but I want the SHURE SM58 mic to record the audio while my C920 Logitech cam records the video, but I’m unsure of how to do that.

Recording the video and audio seperately isn’t really an option since I can’t record the audio and then mimic it on video flawlessly, or vice versa.

Also, is there any way I could use the SHURE SM58 to talk with on skype as a normal mic for certain things, like just use it as a standard microphone?

Also, I notice that the Peak Light doesn’t come on when I plug my SHURE SM58 mic into the 2/R or 1/L mic/line slots on the rear panel, I’m not sure if it’s supposed to or not.

Any assistance on how to set that up would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Long story short, I just want to be able to use my SHURE SM58 to record audio while my webcam records video, and I want to be able to use my SHURE SM58 as a normal microphone one would use on skype in a live conversation.

I have no prior knowledge of the CI 1 or SHURE SM58. I installed both installation CD’s for the CI1. I plugged the CI1 into my computer via a USB cable. I plugged the SHURE SM58 into the rear panel of the CI1. Now I’m stuck :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi and welcome to the forums!

Everything you want should be possible, depending on what software you use. I have no experience with video recording software but I imagine any decent piece of software allows you to select which audio source to use for the recording, in which case your CI should be recognized and available.

Using the SM58 for Skype should be as simple as going into your Skype settings and selecting the right input on the CI as audio input. (go to tools --> options --> audio settings and select the CI input you connected your mic to.)
If the CI does not show then something went wrong with installing the drivers for it.
(assuming you are on windows 7): type ‘sound’ in the start menu and after a short while you’ll see the option sound appear. Click that and see if the CI is listed in both input and output tabs. If not, uninstall the drivers, download the latest version from the Steinberg website and try installing it again.

Good luck with your new toys :slight_smile:. I’ll be on holiday for a week so if you get stuck I hope someone else can help you along!