Assistance with Saffire Loopback Function and Cubase 8

Hello. I wanted to buy Vocalign Project 3 to help me tidy up the timing on some of my recorded tracks but I’m broke and can’t afford it right now.

So, in my search to find a Vocalign alternative, I came up with a free open source analysis tool called Sonic Visualizer. It has a plug in called MATCH that does a nice job in time alignment of two or more audio files BUT it is not an editor and cannot save the analyzed files or export them. Once you turn the program off, you are done.

However, I have a Focusrite LS 56 as my interface and it has a loopback feature. My goal is to take two files needed alignment and process them in Sonic Visualizer, then play them. I would like the loopback feature to send the Sonic Visualizer audio signal to Cubase 8 so I can record it in time.

Now comes the problem…I’ve worked all day and can’t it set up right. I can get Sonic Visualizer to playback the recorded audio tracks in time (check). I can set up Saffire in default mode with Loopback set for DAW1 and DAW2 and still hear the signal through my earphones (check)

I set up VST Connections inputs 7 and8 as Stereo Input 1 and Mono 1 and Mono2, and setup outputs 9 and 10 as another output buss.

I simply cannot get the audio signal into Cubase. What am I doing wrong?



Hi Joe,

The Loopback feature on the Saffire comes into your DAW on the final two inputs for the device, in this case inputs 27-28. As such, you’ll just need to configure your VST Connections window to include a bus for inputs 27-28, then assign this as the input of the track you wish to record onto. You may need to mute this track while recording to avoid setting up a loop (or simply don’t monitor enable it/send it to a different pair of outputs other than 1-2).

I hope this helps, if you require any further assistance please feel free to contact us directly:

Best regards,
Jack // Focusrite Technical Support

Thank you Jack. I knew I was missing something. I’ll work on that today. Hopefully I’ll succeed in getting a poor mans Vocalign set up.