Associate can't upgrade to Cubase 6

I have an associate, with Cubase 5+, he’s a registered user. BUt when he tried to use his credit card to upgrade to 6.5, it fails. Nothing wrong with his credit card.

There’s no way for him to contact anyone about it, no Steinberg phone number for help to BUY SOMETHING from Steinberg. Needless to say he’s so upset, that he’s seriously thinking of going back to PT, just because of this.

What is going on?

Please give me a phone number he can call for help in sales.

If he’s a registered user, the easiest way would be to email Steiny by the address given in MySteinberg or fill out the tech support form. In most cases, the quickest way to alert a manufacturer would be their forum, but mods won’t be on for another 8-12 hrs. I think they’re all mostly in Germany or something.

There is a phone number, but I’m sure you don’t want to make a long-distance call to Germany!!

You could also contact asknet (Steinberg’s shop sub-contractor) via their contact form from the shop.